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Bioreactor Project

Engineering Project with Applications to Cultured Meat Research
Conception, Design, Fabrication & Assembly Done From 09/17-12/17
New Harvest Bioreactor Project Videos

Mechanical Experience

  • SolidWorks

    • Sheet Metal​

    • 3D Parts

    • Assemblies

    • Drafting

  • Fabrication

    • 3D Printing

    • Waterjetting

    • Machining

    • Spot Welding

Leadership Experience

  • Management

    • Delegating Tasks

    • Budgeting & Finances

    • Coordinating Progress

  • Negotiation

    • Project Proposal​

    • Fabrication Resources

    • Expertise Gathering

    • Part Procurement



  • Technical Writing

    • Weekly Progress Reports​

    • Formal Reports & Recommendations

  • Oral Presentations​

    • To classmates​

    • To faculty

    • To researchers

Reference - Dr. Kate Krueger

  • Research Director of New Harvest and Sponsor for the Bioreactor Project

  • email:

"Han reached out to me last year to propose a New Harvest sponsored capstone project on bioreactor design for cultured meat. I was impressed with Han’s strong background in the biological sciences in addition to his experience as a mechanical engineer. He wanted to work on a bioreactor project, so I put him in touch with Jess Krieger, a New Harvest fellow and tissue engineer. They teamed up to execute the construction of her perfusion bioreactor. New Harvest funded the project (its very first Seed Grant). 

Han served as the engineering project manager, leading a team of three engineers. Han was a pleasure to work with at every step in the process – his written materials were always polished and easy to understand, he reported on the project in a timely manner, and was a consummate professional every step of the way. I enthusiastically recommend Han for any position he seeks – he would be an asset to any team."

- Dr. Kate Krueger, LinkedIn Recommendation for Han Zhang

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